The moon doesn’t just affect the tides–it also affects our moods, our decision-making, and every living organism on Earth. Whether you want to make a good impression at an interview, start a new business, get married, try for a baby, buy a property, go on a diet, sow seeds, or harvest crops, matching the right action to the appropriate lunar phase will ensure the best results. And this book shows you how. There are auspicious days for all big decisions, according to their nature. Whatever your needs and desires, never underestimate the help you can receive from the power of the moon!

From all over the world come different ways of foretelling the future. We may want to know about our future with a lover, whether we can pass a certain exam, or when an event will take place. Looking in detail at systems used to predict the future, you can choose which is suited to your particular questions. Astrology, Divining, I Ching, Lithomancy, Numerology, the Oracle, Palmistry, Runes, Tarot cards, Tea leaves For each system will be given simple instructions on how to read the future. The book is illustrated with specially commissioned photography to help the reader follow each stage of fortune-telling.

A guide to the world of prediction in which the author examines each predictive technique in detail, explaining how it works and its uses. There are sections on Tarot, Chinese Astrology, Palmistry and Numerology and there are also compatibility charts for love and business.

The ancient art of reading tea-leaves is one of the simplest and most accessible forms of divination. This book will tell you everything you need to know to perform the tea leaf reading ritual and get instant answers to questions about relationships, career, money and health. With this beautiful book and a bit of practice, a cup of tea can become a powerful tool for developing your intuition, gaining confidence and self-knowledge.

For the first time, in one comprehensive guide, seekers can look into all forms of fortune-telling and divination devices, including scrying, tarot, and the I Ching. This handy volume contains an amazing amount of mystic thought from through out the centuries and around the globe. Featuring easy-to-follow instructions and high-quality photographs, it covers all the basics with information on many different aspects of clairvoyance. Delve into both Western and Chinese astrology, numerology, palmistry, runes, face reading, and other folk arts. Each one features practical skill-building exercises so newcomers can try it out and see exactly where their talents lie.

Reading palms is an age-old way of predicting the future, but the lines and features of the palm, fingers, nails can also be a revealing tool for self-exploration and personal growth. As you’ll discover in this comprehensive illustrated guide, the shape of your hand; its whorls, fingerprints, and lines; its mounts and other geographic features: as well as the shapes, joints, and nails of the fingers and thumb are loaded with useful information. Illustrated step-by-step instructions will teach you to identify and interpret the various features of the hand and to use palmistry to gain insights into your current and future health, love life, and career. You’ll discover what your hand shows about your potential for passionate romance, lasting love, and children; whether your talents are artistic, literary, or athletic; and whether you are a saver or a gambler, an optimist or a pessimist, a realist or a dreamer. Perfect for beginners and a handy reference for experienced palmists, The Palmistry Bible will give you a helping hand in understanding yourself and practical advice about reading the hands of friends and family.